Welcome to The Lumenus USA Institute for Global Citizenship at Valparaiso University

In today’s global economy, students that have mastered the English language and have cross-cultural experiences have the competitive edge needed to earn a great income and have job security. That’s why more students from around the world are choosing to get their college degrees in the United States. However, full immersion into a new culture and language can oftentimes be overwhelming -- making it harder to succeed. To give them the best possible foundation, parents are choosing to send their children to a transitional program before college.

The Lumenus USA Institute for Global Citizenship at Valparaiso University can prepare your child to attend and succeed at universities across the United States -- opening up endless opportunities for a world-class education -- giving them a competitive edge in landing a top job upon college graduation.

For High School Graduates and Third-year High School Students Who have Finished High School Graduation Requirements

The Lumenus USA Institute for Global Citizenship at Valparaiso University, is the premier provider of transitional training services for Chinese high school graduates wanting to study in the United States and gives Chinese students an advantage over those not attending a transition program. Lumenus USA provides students with:

  • intensive English studies
  • life-skills training
  • a cultural integration platform
  • mentors
  • global networking
  • job placement assistance

These tools equip students with the tools necessary to succeed academically. In fact, research shows that students who attend a program like Lumenus USA are much more likely to succeed. 

For a student to succeed both personally and academically, she/he needs the skill set necessary to thrive in and out of the classroom. That's why Lumenus USA is so much more than a traditional ESL (English as a Second Language) program. Whereas ESL only focuses on linguistics, Lumenus USA, Institute for Global Citizenship, goes much further, educating and guiding the student on every facet of life thereby increasing the rate of student success. Lumenus USA is focused on the development of the total student.

During this intensive program, full-time Lumenus mentors will work one-on-one with students throughout the duration of the program. Students can attend 9-week sessions until they have met the English requirements to enter the university.  Depending on their language levels, the program is designed to last as short as one quarter (9 weeks) up to a full academic year. Upon passing the exit exam, students can matriculate full time into the University.  In the Lumenus Bridge program, students with stronger English skills who still need further langauge development, may be able to take for-credit classes with Valparaiso University that are less language-intensive such as math and science.

The Lumenus USA / Valparaiso University Partnership

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Lumenus USA has partnered with Valparaiso University, one of the top 10 most innovative colleges for foreign language study in the United States (the list includes prestigious universities such as Yale, Columbia, Cornell, and UCLA), to offer a top-notch, fully-accredited ESL program. This unique combination of intensive English classes and unparalleled life-skills training and mentoring make Lumenus USA, Institute for Global Citizenship the obvious choice to prepare your child for collegiate success in the US.  
If your child wants to transfer from Lumenus USA to another university besides Valparaiso University, Lumenus USA counselors will facilitate the application process.